Here is some music I have been listening to lately. Some awesomely deep beats by BLaNKNuLL (the front man is super-dreamy), some of my favorites from Raggy Monster (tres superb), Kai Engel, Uto Datwangi, Weldroid, Remus, Robodub, Floating Spirits, and P C III. I listen to a TON of stuff so I will definitely be updating this list! Have any suggestions?

  •     P.C.G.C.P - P C III
  •     Burning Flesh - BLaNKNuLL
  •     Melted Wings - Kai Engel
  •     Child Soldiers - BLaNKNuLL
  •     Cannibal - Raggy Monster
  •     Hand Cuff - BLaNKNuLL
  •     To Survive - Uno Datwangi
  •     143 - BLaNKNuLL
  •     Baker's Dozen - Raggy Monster
  •     Light as Rain - Weldroid Mix
  •     Winged Messenger - Robodub
  •     Noctilucent (Mitoma 'Iridium Flare' Remix) - Floating Spirits
  •     Intersong - Remus